Obesity can be viewed as a disease. I would say around 2/3'rd of Americans are overweight and this somewhat lead to the idea that obesity is a norm. Technology also does not help as it makes more things automated and leaving you less work to do. There are several signs to know if you are overweight or not. You see the bump of fat all around your body. You have difficulty breathing, can't run for more than 10 seconds before running out of breath, the lid of the ketchup jar is too tight for you to open normally but your younger sister can do that easily.

Another method is using the BMI index. It is measured by dividing your height by weight. That method itself is not reliable as it can be misleading for some people. Another scientific method to know if you’re fat or not are to measure the waistline. The waistline is measured and then it is compared with your shoulder length. The bigger your waistline is, the more obese you are. Being a little over weigh is not a big problem. If you have a bigger waistline but you exercise, eat properly and lead a healthy lifestyle, then you do not need to go on a diet. This book is for people who know that they can't wear anything smaller than XL size. They are the people that should be worried. Other than clothes problem, they also need to worry about health complications like:

 Blount’s disease where you gain too much weight and it deforms your lower leg bones.

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