Weight Loss All Star

Are you looking to lose weight or even just tone up? What is stopping you from having the body you want and help you feel great at the same time?

According to the World Health Organization there are well over 1 billion overweight adults, and out of those 1 billion adults at least 300 million of them die from diabetes, or other diseases caused by being overweight.

There are a lot of diet plans and weight loss books that promise you the world for literally hundreds of dollars. Most of them are a joke! Here is a peek inside 'Weight Loss All Star':

* How you gain weight and why some people weight

* 5 simple daily habits can be the ones placing the spare tire above your waist!

* Learn why if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 30 it means BIG trouble!

* The two leading causes of death in the U.S and how they're related to obesity!

* Eight other killer diseases that could plague you if you don't drop that extra mass now!

* When to and when not to use mind games in the battle to win your ex back

* Four points to always remember when you set your weight loss goals so you won't push yourself to the limit and develop further problems!

* Three elements of weight loss that go together and how you can leverage on them to make sure the fat doesn't return!

* Learn the real ways to losing weight and put all the gimmicks and fads on the backburner.

* A proven, tried and tested plan for keeping track of your calorie intake everyday - You won't have to starve, you can enjoy your food and still lose weight!

* How your metabolism system works and the most effective way to make it burn all those calories for you!

* The importance of drinking fresh water and how much you should ideally gulp down.

* Power herbs: Do they really help you burn fat or just a hole in your pocket?

* The kind of exercises that cause you to hit your slim and trim target faster than expected!

And much, much more!

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