The Panic Panacea

Panic attacks are dangerous but they are almost harmless from physical point of view. They are a type of anxiety which can reach its optimal level. These attacks are found in almost whole world but U.S is a big victim of these attacks and according to a research 20 percent of U.S citizens experience panic attacks at some point in their lives. This 20 percent means that, more than 50 million people will suffer from these panic attacks. About 2 percent of these people will go through a full extreme panic attack in which they may become totally psycho or mad. Normally first panic attack is experienced by people in their childhood or in teenage and usual range of age is 15-19.

Panic attacks or any other anxiety disorder is not developed suddenly instead there is a long history of the patient and gradually he becomes addicted to some fear. For example if someone has gone through panic attack while driving then, he will develop a fear or phobia of driving and he will start avoiding the situation. The point will come when the fear will become so high that he will not even go close to cars. This extreme situation may never come but if you did not do anything about that developed fear in start then, it will eat you out without warning.

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