More often than not, the world is a more dangerous place for women as compared to men. Women are usually the target of assaults such as car-nap, rape, holdup, domestic violence, and other crimes. If you ever find yourself assaulted and forced to defend yourself from your attacker, there would be some consequences. For instance, you may not be able to take hold of a weapon such as a taser, mace, or stun gun at the time of attack unless you are ready or have already anticipated the attack.

Most assaults happen in split seconds and although the most common reaction of people when confronted with danger is to run, it could not always be the best solution especially if you have nowhere to run to or call for help. In fact, running might only lead to more aggression from the attacker. Thus, it is important that women learn how to defend themselves using self-defense techniques and weapons. Apart from this, women should also learn how to have the right attitude in times of danger.

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