Recognizing And Dealing With Nut Allergies

When children, all of us had foods that we really like, and many that we really believed we hated!

Often, to the adults in our young lives, these likes and dislikes make no sense whatsoever, and more often than not, they are correct to adopt this view. For instance, as a kid I loved tomato soup but hated tomatoes and tomato juice, which I admit makes no sense whatsoever!

As we grow older, most of us grow out of these likes and dislikes, simply because that is all they were – little more than a passing phase of liking or disliking something.

For a large number of people, however, the problem that they have with food is more far reaching and serious than this.

For these people, certain foodstuffs will trigger an adverse physical reaction, and while not all of these people are completely allergic to any particular foodstuff, their bodily reaction might indicate otherwise.

In the West, the most common food allergy is to peanuts, while allergic reactions to tree nuts are far less common.

Despite this, however, most people know little about peanut allergy, or any other form of adverse reaction to nuts.

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