Create a social networking website for a certain type of dog owners - it could be a breed, size, - anything. It would be free for people to use and sign up, and you make money with the advertising you place on the website pages.

Who would have thought that MySpace would have been so successful? It is basically a way of meeting other people that have similar interests. Why not start up a social networking website for a segment of society that are dog owners? They will all have the love of dogs in common. You can give them the opportunity to show pictures of their dogs and share stories and friendships with others that have a great love for their dogs too.

If a website for dog owners is too broad a segment of society, you could offer a site, or sites, for dog owners of specific breed types. Whatever you decide to do, there are many different avenues that you can choose from to do. Just make your website free for whoever wants to join and sign up, you make your money with those that choose to advertise on your website pages.

Setting up your website will cost you a little of an investment of money and time at first, but it will be well worth it in the future. Then you will need to advertise your site, once people start joining, word of mouth will help build your membership numbers. The more members you have, the more chance of companies wanting to advertise on your site. This is where you will make your money - by referring your members to businesses that will sell them products.

These are the types of sites that can bring you a slow steady income, the longer you maintain them, the more money they typically will make for you. You just need to make sure that you keep your members returning to your website regularly and posting often. Offer occasional fun contests for your members to join in on; maybe the funniest picture or video posted for the month, the saddest dog, cutest puppy, and the list is endless. Let the members of the site vote and decide who should win too!

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