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3E-Program - Treating cancer with alternative strategies and without chemotherapy has become a possibility for an ever-increasing number of people.
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11 cancer theories in detail
37 cancer types explained in detail
Detailing Conventional Therapy with:
- list of the chemotherapies (more than 50) that are given with their side effects
Alternative Therapies with:
- 11 Tumor Destroying Therapies explained
- 38 Immunsystem changing therapies explained
- 2 Cause searching therapy explained
- 7 Nutritional therapies explained
- 37 Supporting Substances explained
Diagnosis further expounded including preventative care and aftercare
- More than 40 Cancer E-books

  • Original Budwig Books
  • Series of 37 Books about Holistically healing different cancer types
  • Selected Cancer Books linked to Amazon
- More than 200 Health E-books
- More than 50 Personal E-books
- More than 50 Cooking E-books
- More than 10 Pets E-books
- More than 60 Tips in life E-books
List of Doctors/Hospital that therapies are available No
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