Being overweight is no-one’s idea of a good time. While it’s not ‘the end of the world’ to be carrying a little extra puppy fat, even small amounts of extra weight can be enough to hurt your self-esteem, to leave you feeling lifeless and to have a number of damaging effects on your health. Moreover though, even a small amount of extra weight is likely to lead to more extra weight over time. Most people do not just gain a few pounds and then stay there; normally those ‘few extra pounds’ are a sign of things to come and the beginning of a slippery slope.

And once you have gained serious weight, that’s when you really find yourself struggling to get by. Not only is obesity a serious health risk that can leave you prone to such conditions as heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol but it also means carrying around a large amount of extra weight everywhere you go. This leaves you feeling out of breath at the slightest exertion, it takes away the pride you might have had in your body and it leads to all kinds of joint aches, headaches and sleepless nights.

The key is to stop any weight gain in its tracks, which is of course much easier than it sounds. If it were that easy to lose weight then of course no one would have this problem!

Shocking Facts & Statistics

In reality though, the statistics surrounding weight gain and obesity are
rather shocking.

For instance:

• 2 out of 3 adults are considered overweight
• 1 out of 3 adults are considered obese
• 1 out of 20 are considered ‘extremely obese’
• One third of children and adolescents are overweight
• 1 in 5 deaths in the USA are linked to being overweight or obese


• The number of individuals considered obese is only going up all the time

As you can see then, this is a real problem and it’s made so much worse by our lifestyles. These days, most people work in some kind of stationary office-job and spend their evenings relaxing on the sofa. Most of what we eat is processed and filled with sugar and low nutritional value and we’re generally just too stressed to make any serious changes to our lifestyle.

When you spend all day answering phones and being shouted at, when your finances are as stretched as your free time, when the house is a mess and when it’s cold and wet outside… how are you supposed to get into shape?

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