How To Choose & Care For A Cat

Preparing to Own A Cat

Before you decide to own that cute little kitten there are a few important things to consider. No doubt that is why you
are reading this little book.

First, it you have never lived with a cat you must find out whether you are allergic to them. Allergy is the main reason that cats are re-homed or sent to a shelter. If he is no longer a kitten by then, sadly, he stands a poor chance of being re-homed. And of course both you
and your family will also be very sad.

If you tend to be allergic to pollen or other airborne allergens it is likely that you, or your children, will also be allergic to cats. It really isn't possible to live happily with a cat if it makes your eyes and nose itch all the time.

If you've never spent much time around cats, try to spend a few hours in a home with them and see if you feel at all allergic. Bring with you any family member who has a tendency to allergy. If it isn’t possible to spend time with a cat you could get an allergy test done. Take your time until you are sure you aren’t going to be affected by cat fur.

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