Healthy Weight Loss With Paleo Diet

1.Over Weight – A Symptom Or A Problem? An Understanding Of The Human Body

Obesity is defined as a medical condition caused due to accumulation of fat in the body thereby posing a health risk. According to accepted definitions based on Body Mass index (BMI) any human being, having a BMI exceeding 30 is obese. However this
does not accurately give the state of health of a human being because most individuals having a BMI exceeding 30 may be fat they are not necessarily obese. Obesity by itself is a medical condition, which increases risk of other health problems related to the heart mainly.

One of the major causes for obesity around the world today is over eating. Over eating results in excessive consumption of calories and current way of living leaves little scope for individuals to burn them off. Most individuals today do not know what their bodies require and what kind of foods are best suited for them. Many are also unaware about how their bodies function, thus not knowing how much food to consume.

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