Healthy Primal Living Advanced

If you’re a dog owner, then take a look at your dog. No doubt he or she is a good, loyal dog and you love them very much.

But they’re also probably not exactly a physical specimen. Not if you compare them to a wolf.

Wolves are also loyal and social – but they’re also powerful, athletic, ferocious and beautiful.

YOU are your dog. But you should be a wolf.

The fact of the matter is that we humans are domesticated. Ever since we discovered agriculture, we’ve been living a more and more sheltered and ‘safe’ existence.

The result?

We’ve become soft and weak.

That’s why we’re always ill, it’s why we’re always stressed and it’s why we’re experiencing entirely new diseases like diabetes.

But worse, it has changed our idea of happiness and of freedom.

We think that sitting in an office and working 8 hours a day is a great way to keep ourselves alive. We see no alternative other than letting someone else give us money for the boring work we do. And when we’re finished, we just want to curl up and lie down.

Where is the freedom? The adventure? The excitement?

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that we have become disconnected from our roots. We have forgotten our true natures and we’re no longer thriving.

Like I said, we’re domesticated. We’ve become pussy cats when we should be lions.

And what’s more, is that just like caged animals, our health is suffering. We’ve been removed from our natural habitat and we’re running on all the wrong fuel. Something really needs to change!

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