Chinese Herbs

The fast advancement in the science and technology has no doubt provided mankind with many conveniences and facilities in the field of medicine, but even now we cannot deny the significance and importance of the herbal cure and treatment. Chinese herbal medicine has great antiquity and history with beneficial and curative roots extending back to Zhou Empire, Late Bronze/Early Iron Age at about 2500 to 3000 years ago. Due to its shamanistic origins, the current form of etiological concepts is the roots of the ancient herbalism in China now days. In the latter half of the first millennium, there was a troubled socio-economic environment was prevailing in the China and this philosophy and idea of the causes of disease in human society related directly to that disturbed environment of the country at that time. During that dark time of depression and distress, people found the only solution of the sickness in herbal medicine to extirpate those unwanted intruders. That laid the foundation of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

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