Age Slower

How to Get More Out of Your Body and Mind Now and Into Old Age With 7 Incredibly Powerful Tips

You have two options.

Option one is that you don’t think at all about your health in the future. You live ‘for the now’ and you focus on making sure that you are having fun, enjoying life and not worrying about what tomorrow might bring.

You’ll have some fun in the short term sure, as you smoke, drink and sunbathe without sunblock. You’ll lie around the house relaxing as you watch your favorite show and you’ll try and earn and spend as much money as you can in true hedonistic fashion.

But then one day, you’ll get a call. It will be your old high school inviting you to a reunion. Sounds great you think!

And then you arrive and realize that you have aged worse than everyone else. You’re that person who looks tired, haggered, wrinkled and covered in sunspots. Your teeth look unhealthy and appear to be falling out and your body is sagging and wrinkled. You’ve got nothing exciting going for you and in all meaningful ways… you’re spent.

But there’s that other option. Option two is that you have fun now and enjoy life too – but while holding something back and doing a little work to fortify yourself for your future. You think about how you want life to be when you’re in your 40s, your 50s, your 70s and your 90s and you do what you can now to ensure the best possible outcome then.

And when you arrive at that reunion, the story is a little different. While other people will look worn down by life, you’ll look young, healthy and happy. You’ll be brimming with energy and you’ll have a look that’s mature, while still beaming with energy. ‘Glowing’ is not just for people in their teens!

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