100K Dollar Copywriting

What is Copywriting & Why Is It So Important?

To answer the second part first: copywriting is perhaps the single most important skill in online marketing. Get it right and everything else will follow – sales, sign-ups, etc.

Get it wrong, and nothing else matters.

Simply put, copywriting is the writing you use to promote your online business. This can include your newsletter advertising messages, product sales information on your website and articles that promote your product. It’s also your headlines, your ads - any writing you use to promote your website or product is what’s known as copywriting.

Copywriting is what you use to get your customers and potential customers to take a particular action. For example:

  • Click on an ad
  • Place an order
  • Sign up for your mailing list
  • Click an affiliate link
  • Get them to refer a friend to your business

Many online business owners make the mistake of thinking they can just get some traffic and they’ll be set. Those of you who are getting traffic without results know the folly of this.

I’d like to congratulate you for taking the time to read this guide because the information in it will put you ahead of many other internet business owners who make the mistake of thinking that copywriting isn’t important.

Consider this:

When people visit your website, you aren’t there to answer their questions, explain benefits, or to convince them how great your product is. Your words need to do that for you. In other words, you need effective copywriting - and that’s exactly what I’m going to show in this guide.

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